Our Philosophy

We specialize in Hotel Sales & Catering Automation

Jaime Job Consulting analyzes and navigates all phases of the sales and catering process, from initial guest contact to the final bill. By reviewing and optimizing all stages, we will help you maximize revenue and book more business for your hotel through improved response time, better internal communications, happier employees and enhanced guest experience.


Training, Custom Reporting & Consulting Services For Your Delphi System

  • Are you getting the most out of your Delphi system?
  • Do you have the reports you need to measure your business and the effectiveness of your team?
  • Does your staff utilize Delphi and other software products to provide excellent customer service resulting in outstanding revenue?


Streamline your sales processes and maximize results! Through our comprehensive analysis, training, support and custom reporting, you can take full advantage of your software system and its related products.


Our services are geared to your specific needs and circumstances—encompassing not only the software, but also its application in your environment.

We target and resolve inefficiencies in your sales automation process and customize a plan to insure that you receive the maximum value from your investment.

Jaime Job